Starting to Blog Again

I’ve decided I want to try to blog again. It’s been a while since I’ve hit the “publish” button and shared my work with anyone, but I think I’m ready to get back to it.

One reason I want to start blogging again is because I want to share my work with an audience. I think my audience will be fairly small until I get more posts up, but it doesn’t matter. A few readers is a lot more than no readers. 

Another reason I want to come back to blogging is to hold myself accountable to writing more. At this time, I basically write every day but I only write in my journal that no one ever sees. I think it’s time to change that and to share my work with whoever wants to read it. Journaling and morning pages are great, but I have bigger dreams than that and I think blogging will help me see them into reality.

Something else that makes me want to blog more is the fact that it’ll help me gain experience as a writer. I’ve recently come to realize how much I enjoy writing and how I could see myself doing it as a profession. Whether I want to write a book or articles or what-have-you, blogging will help me gain experience.

Finally, I think blogging will allow me to have a creative outlet besides journaling. While I love journaling and find it therapeutic, it just feels lonely at times, and I wonder if my writing could help someone else by giving them something to relate to.

I hope you’ll join along as I jump back in to this!

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