How to deal with analysis paralysis

Analysis paralysis is basically when you spend so much time trying to make a decision, that you end up not deciding at all and making no moves whatsoever. This is how I’ve been feeling when it comes to my blog lately. There are so many options for what I could write, that I’ve been writing nothing at all.

I’ve experienced analysis paralysis before. Usually it results in taking much longer to make a decision than what was necessary, and I always wonder why I had to spend so much time deciding in the end.

Here is how I overcome analysis paralysis.

  1. Recognize analysis paralysis. Realize you’re spending a lot of time doing a lot of nothing. That time you are spending on making a decision is time you could be spending on actually working on what you need to work on. 
  2. Just make a decision. The faster the better. Obviously, if the decision you are trying to make has to do with a serious decision or big life move, you should spend more time on it. But if it’s something like choosing what to blog about, or choosing what you want to eat for lunch, maybe just pull the trigger and pick one. I know this is easier said than done, but just try it. Don’t think, just choose.

That’s basically all there is to it. Realize you’re caught in analysis paralysis and once you’ve figured that out, just make a decision as quickly as possible. Life is precious, and time is finite, so it’s best to just decide on something rather than letting it linger for so long.

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