A little self-introduction

I’ve been blogging here for a little while now but I never really gave a proper self-introduction.

My name is Christiana Metrakos. I’m 28 and I’m still trying to figure out who, exactly, I am. I have a lot of interests and I’ve tried doing a lot of things.

When I was 17, I went to cosmetology school. I’ve now had my cosmetology license for almost ten years. I had a riveting career in the beauty industry, starting as an assistant and working my way up to doing wedding hair and airbrush makeup.

But something was missing.

So I decided, after about six years in the industry, I was going to call it quits for a while. I wanted to see what else was out there.

I decided to go to community college to get a degree. I just felt like I was missing out by not having one. Interior Design seemed like a pretty cool major, so I went for it. I had a great, remote internship with Interiors by Jacquin, a company out of Texas. I learned a lot during college. I even learned that Interior Design is not necessarily my passion.

While I was in college in 2018, I started a YouTube channel about medical cannabis. I had just gotten my medical card and was trying to figure out what products were best, but there were no reviews on YouTube or anywhere. So I decided to try and make some myself.

Four years later, there are now a lot more reviews out there, made by myself and others. Being a medical cannabis influencer is now a thing. I spend most of my time right now on my YouTube channel and other spin-offs of the channel, like my Patreon and blog. I love sharing my cannabis experiences online because I feel like it creates a community around a similar interest – the cannabis plant.

So, what do beauty, Interior Design, and cannabis have in common? Me, I guess. I have knowledge in all these areas. I’m still trying to find the right path for me, what’s going to make me the most successful. But for now, I’m all about talking cannabis products and whatever else interests me.

I’m trying to write more, because I feel like writing is a great way to figure things out. Putting thoughts on paper gets them out of your head.

I don’t know exactly what’s next for me or what I’ll blog about here, but if you want to follow my cannabis pages you can find all that info on my cannabis blog.

Thanks for being here. xx


My cannabis YouTube channel: YouTube.com/floridacannabisreviews

My cannabis blog: Floridacannabis.reviews

My Patreon: Patreon.com/flcanna

3 thoughts on “A little self-introduction

  1. Stuart Danker

    I’ve seen a lot of niches here on WordPress, but I think you’re the first cannabis reviewer I’ve met thus far. That’s pretty interesting, and I’m glad you decided to share, Christiana. Here’s to hoping you find yourself!

    Liked by 1 person

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