About my Podcast, Branding Myself

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Kind of a weird project but fun, nonetheless.

I’ve recently launched my first podcast, titled Branding Myself. I gave it that title because I became inspired to create a project when I realized I wanted to “re-brand myself,” which led me to dive deeper into learning about personal branding as a topic in general as well as podcasting. I’m not a branding expert and I don’t think I will become one, but I was somewhat interested in the topic and I wanted to create something. Thusly, Branding Myself was born.

One of many great quotes from the podcast so far

Before I started the podcast I was working as a video creator and thinking about making a video series that would focus on this anticipated process of re-branding, but quite frankly, that idea sounded like far too much work for how long I felt like it would actually take to re-brand myself. I needed something faster, and I recalled that I now know several people who have their own podcasts. I thought, if they have podcasts, why can’t I? And, what if I connect with some of my podcaster friends plus some other people I know, and what if I get them to guest-star on the podcast with me? That was how the idea of interviewing people on the show was born.

So far, I have recorded three episodes and I plan to record at least one more that features a guest interview. I might do some solo episodes after that where I try to explain what I have learned and done in my re-branding process so far and what that terminology actually means to me, but I don’t know if I can be as interesting on my own as my guests have lent themselves to be in each of their respective episodes. I feel like each guest conversation has taught me something, and I look forward to interviewing more creative people to find out what they think about branding, if anything.

Are you a creative, branding enthusiast, or just want to be on the podcast? Use the Contact page to shoot me a line!