Why not start today?

A blog is something I’ve been thinking about starting for some time.

I never started one, until right now. I figured there’s no day like today! Why not? If I’m going to be thinking about it, like I’ve been for a while, why not take action?

I recently read one of Seth Godin’s books, The Practice: Shipping Creative Work. The book had an impact on me; I felt that it spoke to me. I wanted to write a rave review on the book, but I also wanted to gain some more insight on the book from other minds before I wrote my own review. One YouTube-based review led me to an interview of the author himself, Seth Godin. In it, Godin mentioned his blog, which he has been updating daily for over a decade. Feeling inspired, I decided to finally begin my own blog.

Not just because of Seth Godin and his words. But because I want to. And maybe someone will feel inspired by my words one day if I just start writing them now.

And why not start now? A decade will pass whether I want it to or not. I want to be able to say, one day, “I spent the last decade writing.” Or, at least, I wrote every day for some amount of time. I know I have it in me to write. I’m writing now. It’s not hard for me to write, what’s been hard for me has been posting my writing or my work anywhere.

Starting something new can be daunting because you don’t know where it’s going to go; you haven’t gotten there yet.

Maybe, if I just start blogging, I might write more some days and less other days. That’s okay.

I might end up sharing too much or too little. That’s okay too. I just want to do it.

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