I went out on a limb and it worked

I started my podcast, Branding Myself, in October of 2020. I already had experience with recording sound and editing, so I figured the rest of it wouldn’t be too hard.

The hardest part for me is getting up the nerve to ask people if they’ll be on my podcast. I used to be terribly afraid of being a burden, being annoying, or asking for something that’s ridiculous. But ever since I got my first few guests on, I realized the only scary part about podcasting is the fear: the fear of messing up, the fear of my content not being good enough, the fear of being rejected.

After my first few interviews with subjects, I was feeling more confident and ready to get bigger guests on. I decided to go out on a limb, outside of my immediate social circle and I decided to ask someone who I thought might be out of my league, so to speak, if they would be on my podcast. I know this person is a busy person and they have things to do that aren’t this, but I decided that perhaps being on a podcast would be a new and beneficial experience for my subject. 

And they said yes!

That response email was so exciting to receive because I was pretty certain I just wouldn’t hear back.

I hope this story inspires you to try something that scares you, to do the things you want to do. And, even if it’s scary, if you want to ask someone for something just ask. It might work.

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